Thursday, January 16, 2014

First of 23 Mobile Things

       I decided to start this blog by practicing 23 Mobile Things, a program offered to library staff and others, like myself, who want to improve their knowledge and expertise related to newer mobile devices. Since I have an iPhone and can download the apps, I will start the program.  
       The question is: how did I get on the list for this? I have no idea! I have no idea whether I will be able to follow-up with  the suggestions for each Thing. I am not even sure what these vague Things consist of, since I have never done anything like this. I am primarily a writer/poet who shirks learning new Things unless forced to do so. However, yesterday I learned how to copy multiple files from a directory. I was really excited to do this since I had been wondering how to do it. It was not hard to learn. I learned how to do multiple adjacent files and multiple random piles. I am still trainable.
       I will let you know how this goes. In the meantime, as the wind howls through the trees and around the house and snow blows across my nicely shoveled sidewalk, I intend to work on a poem. Goodbye until the Next Thing.